‘Sense of Wonder’- to a sense of purpose

P1040862 (640x480) P1040915Robyn Dower is hard at work on her Art installation which will open in December at the Wondai Regional Art Gallery in December this year. In collobaration with her sister, writer Kay Gorring, Robyn spoke about this upcoming exhibition. ” After feedback from my first art installation I had decided I would embark on a much bigger project. I’d take on more space. If I did it over the Dec14/Jan15 period, I could have the gallery for 8 weeks and only pay for 4. Bargain. Of course it meant all that effort was going to be seen for a longer amount of time. I booked it in, had intermittent thoughts about what I wanted to do, but got on with my upcoming exhibition.This was back in July 2011 and I had plenty of time or so I thought. After my big Solo exhibition in September 2012, my sister Kay had rekindled her passion for writing and poetry. So I asked her if she would like to write a story/ poem to go along with this art installation. You know, something simple like ‘one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…..’  Well after lots of laughs and a brief outline of a story, away she went to write this story. We had decided to write it in rhyme and keep it childlike and fun. I was going to turn the gallery into the house of an eccentric Grandmother using my paper mache’ sculptures and artwork. Kay returned with our story and it was perfect, but a lot more complicated than first envisaged. But to her credit, she still managed to keep within the guidelines. We had the story we were basing the exhibition on. I could get on with now building this into something spectacular. Kay, however, being a writer wasn’t happy finishing it there. She wanted to know why? how? What? So as a gift to me she went and wrote a beginning and a end. Now I had something that was even better. Now I just had to work out how this whole heart-felt story could be made into an art installation. This project has grown and grown, but I have never felt as if I was wasting any time. I know that this is good project. I guess only time will tell. This project has given me a sense of wonder and a definite sense of purpose.”