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mouse in bag billy with miceWhile most people who see the white mice at the ‘Sense of Wonder’ exhibition are in love with with them, There is one member of Robyn’s family who frankly doesn’t see what all the fuss is about. He seemed to struggle with the concept altogether and felt that it was appalling that he should have to share his space with them.


Billy is Robyn’s Studio cat. He does what he likes when he wants and can be quite destructive when not given the attention he demands. The pair do argue from time to time, but generally it is peaceful as long as Billy stays where he is supposed to and behaves himself.


These days he generally just lays around as he is getting that bit older but don’t be fooled he has a split personality at times and can be quite destructive. I do like having him around though. That way when something goes wrong, I tend to blame him while he remains blissfully unaware”.

‘Sense of Wonder’ up and running in Biloela

IMG_6307 IMG_6252‘Sense of Wonder’ Biloela is the first in the five venue tour of regional Qld for this Art Installation. Its has been partly funded by Regional Arts Development Fund. Biloela is the biggest of the galleries it will be visiting, and is on display until the 27th of May 2016. Robyn and her sister Kay were very pleased with how it all went up and are now concentrating their efforts on adapting it for Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery. It will be in Gallery Two, which will be one of the smallest places it travels to. The challenge will be to adapt it to make sure it still creates maximum impact for visitors to the gallery.

Every place is different and bringing an exhibition like this to different places has its own set of challenges for us to overcome. We have left time between venues so that we can make sure that it all works well in its new surroundings and doesn’t lose any of it’s magic or ability to tell it’s story” said Robyn. The Bundaberg Exhibition will be from July 19th to Sept. 18th 2016.


Preparing ‘Sense of Wonder’ for its biggest show yet in Biloela Qld.

Preparations are well underway for the art exhibition ‘Sense of Wonder’ to be taken to Biloela in early April. After spending nearly four months in Customs house residence in Maryborough Qld, it is now in boxes and in every nook and cranny of the artist Robyn Dower’s home. Biloela will be the largest space that will need to be filled as ‘Sense of Wonder makes it way around Qld on a partly funded tour to 5 venues in 5 regions. This funding has been made available through an RADF Grant. The Regional Arts Development Fund (RADF) is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Local Councils to support local arts and culture. The trailer will have to be repacked in order to fit all the extra that will need to be taken to Biloela. There will be absolutley no spare room for anything.                                                            P1050908 P1050912

Acquisitive prize Win at South Burnett Regional Council Art Competition



The South Burnett Regional Council held it’s annual 2015 October Acquisitive art prize on Friday the 2nd of October. The winning entry was ” The Cattle” by Robyn Dower. This was a depiction of their own cattle from the farm in Tingoora. Qld. The Judge said it was ‘ a clean fresh painting in a contemporary format’.  Robyn also won peoples choice on the night with her painting of a Campdrafter titled ” The Chase “












“Sense of Wonder” goes to Maryborough QLD.


The Customs House Residence in Wharf street Maryborough has become home for the Sense of Wonder Art Exhibition until January 2016. After a successful opening of its first showing at the Wondai Regional Art Gallery, the adaptability of this special exhibition  has been tested. Because of its pure size, traveling it has been a challenge but one that is paying off due to it’s success. It opened on the 26th of September as part of Maryborough’s Open House Weekend and it is intended to be open from 10.00am to 2.00pm weekdays and 9.30 to 12.00 weekends. It is a unique exhibition using the visual arts and writing as the basis to bring a story to life. A relatable story with clues scattered throughout to help piece together the past. This will not be its last place on show. More Info as to where it will be going will be announced soon.

Winning Lighthorse Painting

SONY DSCRobyn’s painting ‘The Left Flank’ won first prize in the South Burnett Regional Art Competition at the Kingaroy Regional Art Gallery. The winners were announced on Saturday the 11th of April 2015. The theme was the Australian Light Horse Regiment.

The Wonder of it all


The ‘Sense of Wonder’ Art Exhibition is up and running at the Wondai Regional Art Gallery. After a successful opening, the gallery is expecting many visitors over the 2014/2015 Christmas holiday period. Artist Robyn Dower along with her sister, Writer/ Poet Kay Gorring, have finally seen their efforts for the past three years finally come to life.”For something we really could only imagine for a long time it is nice to see it up and to be exactly as we intended.” Robyn said. Bringing the story to life was a major challenge. The goal was to have the two art forms capable of standing alone, but be extra special together. The Story and the art exhibition have been deliberately designed to be adaptable and adjustable.

Finishing Touches

mouse in chimes















The finishing touches are being put to the artwork for the latest exhibition by Robyn Dower. It has been a collaborative venture with her sister, Kay Gorring, who is a writer/poet. The task at hand now is to pack the art and props up. Promote and advertise the exhibition. Organize the delivery to the Wondai Art Gallery and the installation of it. The Gallery will close for 5 days in order for it to be installed. A mammoth job is still ahead of them.

‘Sense of Wonder’- to a sense of purpose

P1040862 (640x480) P1040915Robyn Dower is hard at work on her Art installation which will open in December at the Wondai Regional Art Gallery in December this year. In collobaration with her sister, writer Kay Gorring, Robyn spoke about this upcoming exhibition. ” After feedback from my first art installation I had decided I would embark on a much bigger project. I’d take on more space. If I did it over the Dec14/Jan15 period, I could have the gallery for 8 weeks and only pay for 4. Bargain. Of course it meant all that effort was going to be seen for a longer amount of time. I booked it in, had intermittent thoughts about what I wanted to do, but got on with my upcoming exhibition.This was back in July 2011 and I had plenty of time or so I thought. After my big Solo exhibition in September 2012, my sister Kay had rekindled her passion for writing and poetry. So I asked her if she would like to write a story/ poem to go along with this art installation. You know, something simple like ‘one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish…..’  Well after lots of laughs and a brief outline of a story, away she went to write this story. We had decided to write it in rhyme and keep it childlike and fun. I was going to turn the gallery into the house of an eccentric Grandmother using my paper mache’ sculptures and artwork. Kay returned with our story and it was perfect, but a lot more complicated than first envisaged. But to her credit, she still managed to keep within the guidelines. We had the story we were basing the exhibition on. I could get on with now building this into something spectacular. Kay, however, being a writer wasn’t happy finishing it there. She wanted to know why? how? What? So as a gift to me she went and wrote a beginning and a end. Now I had something that was even better. Now I just had to work out how this whole heart-felt story could be made into an art installation. This project has grown and grown, but I have never felt as if I was wasting any time. I know that this is good project. I guess only time will tell. This project has given me a sense of wonder and a definite sense of purpose.”

Art work for the Wondai Art Gallery

P1040984 (640x480) P1050030 P1050032 (640x380) P1050033 (640x480)Robyn has just completed  her newest art work. The work has found its new home on the back wall of the Wondai Regional Art Gallery as part of the South Burnett Regional Councils park upgrade.  The figures were modeled by local children and gallery volunteers. From the park there had been no signage to indicate that the pink building was actually an art gallery. The figures were cut out of 18mm ply board. It is hoped that it will be easier to maintain in to the future. Robyn didn’t work alone having help from Gallery patron David Carter to cut out the figures and to install them.