A Fitting Farewell

The Sense of Wonder Exhibition has now finally finished. What a successful journey it has been. It has been a long process, taking over five and a half years, right from the initial idea  through to the end of its five towns in five regions tour. The sheer logistics on how to travel such a big project were a feat in itself.

” This exhibition has been a wonderful experience and a lot of confidence has been gained. It was surprising that something so large and complicated was able to be so adaptable. Audiences loved it no matter where it went and could really relate to the story and its message. Although it is sad to say good bye to such an inspiring exhibition, it is time to get back to the drawing board and to test waters on something new.”

The Sense of Wonder project will be remembered by many people, not just by what they saw, but by how it made them feel.

A New Addition to the Blackbutt Art Gallery

Robyn’s latest creation is a window with a painted image on the inside and a 3d bird sculpture on the outside. This kind a work is called Trompe l’Oeil, which is french for trick the eye. It has recently been placed on the side of the Blackbutt Art Gallery  to attract people into coming inside and having a look.

“The window was made with the help of my father to match the existing windows. I painted the little child with his hands pressed up against the glass. He has an excited expression when looking at the bird which sits on a shelf outside the window. The bird has a piece of jewellery ( fake of course) in his beak at the moment but we will change it periodically to different things.It was challenging, but I like the combination of painting and sculpture in the one piece.”

Out to Tambo

Tambo has been the lastest destination for the exhibition ‘Sense of Wonder”. It is set up at the Grassland Art Gallery in Tambo Qld. and will run until the 15th of September 2017. This is the last of the funded tour.

It has been wonderful to be able to take this exhibition to the outback. It has all been made possible through arts funding. With out it, it just wouldn’t of happened”

The Latest

These are the most recent of Robyn’s paintings and have already sold. Robyn has work at the Blackbutt Art Gallery in Blackbutt.Qld.

“Working on the touring exhibition- Sense of Wonder- hasn’t left me a lot of time to just concentrate on painting, so it was nice to get a chance to get these finished. The added bonus of course was selling them both.”

Wonder in Chinchilla

For such a massive undertaking as ‘Sense Of Wonder’ is, this art installation  is, to a degree, quite flexible. It has been adapted to fit into six different spaces. Some have required more tweaking than others with the length of time to install and pack up not varying. It takes two days to install and two days to dismantle.” I try to work out a general layout of the floor plan (drawn to scale) and to utilize any moveable walls the galleries may have. I then rearrange the furniture and visualize the paintings and where they will fit. When installing, most times it just needs a little adjusting”


‘All Aboard’

“Sense of Wonder” has just wrapped up in the Gympie Art Gallery and will now be adjusted to fit into the Lapunyah Art Gallery in Chinchilla. As part of the Exhibition, Robyn created many white mice which become a favourite source of photo opportunities when the exhibition finishes.

” Each mouse has a different look and what appears to be different personalities. We like to change there normal positions in the exhibition just for fun. These guys are ‘all aboard’ for their next adventure”

A Sense of Romance


True Love

img_1425-800x533Sense of Wonder is now showing in Gympie Art Gallery in Qld and will run until the 21st of January 2017. It is already proving popular and has only been up for a week. There are lots to see in this exhibition and a great outing for the whole family. It will appeal to all ages. It brings to life a heartfelt story for you to discover. Through the clever use of letters and a scrapbook, the more you delve into the story the more will be revealed.

In time for the Christmas Holidays

p1060331Preparations are well underway for the next showing of ‘A Sense of Wonder’ at the Gympie Art Gallery. Opening from the 23rd of November 2016 to the 21st of January 2017 with the official opening on Saturday 26th November at 1.30pm. This exhibition is suitable for all ages and a great family outing for your holidays. Gallery hours are from Tuesday- Saturday 10.00am till 4.00pm and is situated at 39 Nash St Gympie. Phone (07) 54810733

To be Commended

At the recent South Burnett Regional Council Art Competition, Robyn gained two highly commended awards. The first was for “Slight Adjustment” and the other for “Drifting”. She also took home the peoples choice for the second time with a portrait titled “Reflective”


“Reflective”  – Peoples Choice  – by Robyn Dower


“Slight Adjustment”      – Highly Commended – By Robyn Dower


“Drifting” –   Highly Commended  – by Robyn Dower