“Tractor Tattoo”

As part of the inaugural “Tractor Tattoo” in the South Burnett, and with RADF funding, Robyn constructed an interactive tractor jigsaw in the Wondai gallery.  This received a lot of attention from visitors, young and old alike.

Young visitor completing the Jigsaw


2012 has been a very busy year for Robyn as she prepared for her second solo exhibition at the Wondai Regional Art Gallery in September.

Entitled “Distracted”, the exhibition was inspired by a comment made in the past by one of Robyn’s teachers: “Robyn is a conscientious girl but can be easily distracted“.  That ‘distraction’ resulted in an amazing array of paintings and sculptures, as she moved between 2D and 3D,traditional and contemporary, and changes in mediums.

“Throw in a few disasters with execution of these ideas and I was a little stressed. In the end, I was very proud of the exhibition, with sales beyond my expectations, and everything coming together well.”